12th International Conference on Healthcare Systems & Global Business Issues

Call for Papers

Call for Papers in PDF Format, Summarizing Information on Website

The following information provides an overview of the conference timeline and paper submission guidelines.

Important Dates

Submission deadline for Full Paper (for best paper award consideration) April 15, 2018
EARLY Registration Deadline: At least one author of accepted papers and abstracts must register for the conference by this deadline to ensure that the accepted paper is published in the conference proceedings May 31, 2018
Final paper submission deadline for accepted papers to Proceedings Editor (papers received after this date by proceedings editor may not appear in the conference proceedings) May 31, 2018
Late Submissions: Papers and abstracts can still be submitted by this date to be considered for presentation.  However, these papers cannot be guaranteed publication in the conference proceedings.
IMPORTANT:  Late submissions should be sent directly to the conference general chair at stroube@evansville.edu
June 5, 2018
Late Submission Registration:  At least one author of the accepted papers must register by this deadline to ensure that their paper is listed in the conference program.  The authors are responsible for informing the conference program chair as soon as they register for the conference. June 5, 2018



  1. Papers/abstracts MUST be received by the appropriate track chair or conference program chairman (Dr. Ashish Chandra, chandra@uhcl.edu) by April 15, 2018Only full length papers will be considered for best paper awards in the appropriate tracks and the best paper in the overall conference will be give the “Paul T. Bruder Distinguished Paper Award” at the conference.  This award is named as a way to honor Dr. Bruder whose vision created this successful conference.
  2. Papers must NOT have been previously presented or published nor submitted to, or be under consideration at other conferences or journals. Statements to this effect must be contained in the required letter of transmittal/email that must accompany the paper.
  3. Papers, including references, tables, figures, cover pages, etc., may not exceed 20 double spaced typewritten pages (special sessions proposals should not be more than 4 pages).
  4. Papers or special session proposals should be submitted via email as an attachment to the appropriate track chair and copied to the conference program chair (Dr. Ashish Chandra, chandra@uhcl.edu). Email submissions will be acknowledged upon receipt.  If the author(s) do not receive an acknowledgement, the track chair or program chair should be contacted within seven days.
  5. Authors uncertain of which track is most appropriate for their paper should send it directly to the program chair (Dr. Ashish Chandra, chandra@uhcl.edu).
  6. All papers, abstracts and proposals will be double blind peer-reviewed.  Authors will be notified within two weeks regarding the acceptance or rejection of their paper, no later than May 15, 2018.  If they do not hear from the conference program chair (Dr. Ashish Chandra, chandra@uhcl.edu) by that date, they should contact him immediately.
  7. Authors of all accepted articles and special session proposals will have the option of publishing their papers either in full or as an extended abstract in the Conference Proceedings.  However, in order for the paper to be included in the proceedings, at least one author of the accepted paper must register for the conference by May 31, 2018.  The papers for the proceedings should be sent directly to the Conference Proceedings Editor (Dr. Don Rodd, University of Evansville, USA) via email at dr24@evansville.edu and the authors should also indicate in their letter to him if they have registered for the conference or not (and if not when they plan to register).
  8. Only select high quality full papers published in the conference proceeding may be nominated for possible fast track review and consideration for publication with an affiliated journal. This recommendation will be made by the conference program chair (Dr. Ashish Chandra, chandra@uhcl.edu) upon the advice and recommendation of the Journal Recommendation Advisory Committee.
    1. The first page of the paper should contain the title of the paper as well as the full names, email, and mailing addresses of all authors.  Please identify the contact author.
    2. The second page should have the title of the article and the abstract.
    3. The article should start from the third page onwards.
    4. The manuscript should NOT contain any reference to the author(s).   Authors’ names must appear only on the cover page.  Papers with multiple authors should clearly indicate which author is the contact author.


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